SGLD Consulting

Light and Project Planning

“ Project Consulting to optimize visual performance”

Dining Room
Dinning Room

Hospitality and residential interiors, architectural accent lighting, custom decorative lighting concepts. 

Johnson Controls
Johnson Controls

Automotive and exhibit lighting solutions in temporary environments to amplify brand image and meet budget constraints.

Shepherd's Hollow Event Center
Shepherd's Hollow Event Center

Special projects and lighting effects, simulated day and night sky lighting on trumploy ceiling. 


Stefan R. Graf


Sylvan Table

I am pleased to introduce a service to designers and project owners who are seeking creative and innovative solutions to optimize lighting, efficiency and visibility. It will bring my 45 years experience to assist your team in creating great outcomes for your projects.

Lighting technologies and lighting methods are evolving at a very fast pace. The recommended practices that are published by lighting societies are often many years old by the time the publication is released. One of my role’s is to bring to your team the latest and best ideas from international lighting conferences: International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) annual conference; Professional Lighting Designers (PLDC) Conference in the EU; Illuminating Engineering Society (IES); Lightfair International (LFI) and the LED’s Specifier Conference. 

Country Club of Detroit

Consider having me in during the initial concepts phase of your projects to help you get all of the best ideas out on the table. I am proud to be recognized as one of the world’s lighting innovators introducing award winning lighting solutions to many projects that I have worked on.

Contact me when:

1: Project owners are keenly aware of the value added of great lighting

2:You have a project that requires best practice in lighting design

3:For areas within a large project that will benefit from creative lighting  solutions

4:Projects require solutions to prevent potential problems; dark sky, light trespass, budget control, etc.

Illuminart, the company I formed in 1986 has joined the team of PBA / Peter Basso Associates in Troy MI as an independent division of this large, successful MEP engineering firm. SGLD Consulting is established so it may continue providing services as a subcontractor on special projects with PBA and with other, select clients.

We offer the most creative ways to elevate your visual performance. 

SGLD Consulting LLC

Some of the photographs on this site are of legacy projects designed by Stefan Graf when he was the Design Principal at Illuminart