Get the Best

Consider having me in during the initial concepts phase of your projects to help you get all of the best ideas out on the table. I am proud to be recognized as one of the world’s lighting innovators introducing award winning lighting solutions to many projects that I have worked on.

Contact me when:

  • Project owners are keenly aware of the value added of great lighting
  • You have a project that requires best practice in lighting design
  • For areas within a large project that will benefit from creative lighting solutions
  • Projects require solutions to prevent potential problems; dark sky, light trespass, budget control, etc.

Illuminart, the company I formed in 1986 has joined the team of PBA / Peter Basso Associates  in Troy MI as an independent division of this large, successful MEP engineering firm. SGLD Consulting is established so it may continue providing services as a subcontractor on special projects with PBA and with other, select clients.