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Consulting for electric lighting, natural light integration, requirements to optimize visibility

Project Opportunities

Providing Team Support; Call me when you have a project that really should have a specialist to help guide the team to the very best outcomes.

Exciting Lighting; projects that require visually stimulating or theatrical lighting effects: corporate lobbies, showrooms, exhibits or building facades.

Light as Art; interactive light sculptures, building facades, water features, corporate lobbies or municipal projects that attract, excite and interact with people and possibly audio or video.

Light and Health; lighting and controls to optimize circadian stimulation to improve wellness factors, mood and productivity of its occupants.

Critical Visual Optimization; design centers, studios or work environments that may require lighting to simulate daylight and improve visibility for designers, technicians, artists or detailers.

Brainstorming Sessions – I am fortunate to have been part of numerous ‘ideation sessions’ in the course of my career with major corporations. One of these was a session that I planned and produced for Volvo Car Company in Gothenburg Sweden to help conceive original ideas for their auto show exhibit programs. Brainstorming sessions are a great way to kick off a project and get all ideas on the table early!

Temple Beth El Exterior

Why Hire a Professional Lighting Designer?

I have written numerous papers and magazine articles on this topic. Most notably is the paper on the IALD website.

Two important factors on this topic are that; 1) some architects and owners are not aware that there is an association representing the profession of lighting practitioners and 2) they may also believe that the service provided by an engineer or sales rep is ‘the same’ as using a professional IALD designer. An IALD professional will help improve project outcomes or the project team an especially for owners who desire current recommended standards of care.

Service Description

I will provide your team with design consulting to achieve your goals in a half day or full day design charrette session, depending on project size. The consulting service requires that the team members present have input on the lighting program then, provide the final lighting plans and specifications according to the direction provided in the session.

A typical team may include: the architect, owners representative, possibly the interior designer and the lighting specifier which may be an electrical engineer or lighting supplier depending on the project type. During the design session, we will specify the ‘performance criteria’ of the lighting; equipment size, shape, the technology, color qualities, illuminance criteria distribution, patterns of light, effects and the lighting plans/layout during the discussion. In addition, I will provide recommendations of the type of equipment that will satisfy the performance criteria.

When the session is completed, the team will have the information needed to accomplish the project lighting and visibility objectives

Service Benefits

The benefits of this service are best described by a quote from an architect who said to me; “ ….what we accomplished in a few hours with you would have taken us weeks to achieve on our own and without the same positive outcomes”

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Some of the photographs on this site are of legacy projects designed by Stefan Graf when he was the Design Principal at Illuminart